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Santa's Salvation

Santa's Salvation is a tower defense game with many features and incredible style!

Waves of Elves are attacking your "Santa's Factory".

Intuitive Control:
- Drag and drop a Turret Icon on the "cookie".

Upgrades (available in the "Part-shop"):
- Reduce tower's cost.
- Increase Tower's shooting power and range

- 25 levels
- More than 25 different mobs.


TypeRight is a software which allows you to learn "Fast typing" technique in shortest period!

Available for Apple Mac OS 10.10.X and Microsoft Windows 8.1/10.

Additional Dictionaries download:
C++11 dictionary
C# dictionary
Java dictionary
php dictionary
C++ STL dictionary
CSS dictionary
HTML5 dictionary
JavaScript dictionary
MySQL dictionary
Objective-C dictionary
Perl dictionary
Python dictionary
Ruby dictionary

Dictionary Installation instruction:
Download and copy dictionary file into "/Users/UserName/Library/Container/com.underscor3e.typeright/Data/Application Support/com.underscor3e.typeright/Dictionaries/" for Mac Platform or into "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\LocalLow\Underscor3e LTD\Type Right\Dictionaries\" for Windows.

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